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  • Polywater-BonDuit Conduit Adhesive
    Polywater-BonDuit Conduit Adhesive
    BonDuit Conduit Adhesive is a high strength adhesive for bonding polyethylene, PVC, fiberglass, metals and composites.  I creates an airtight, watertight, long lasting bond that can withstand movement and vibration...

  • A-D Technologies-SW613100 1.0" Innerduct - SW613100
    Duraline-SW613100 1.0" Innerduct
    SW613100-1.0" Innerduct is used to protect cables during and after installation. This is a smooth, solid wall conduit that can be used as an innerduct or in direct buried applications. When compared to PVC,...

  • R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059  Wirelink Splice is used to splice steel messenger mid-span of a cable drop.  It is 2.94" in lenght and .43 in diameter.  It can be used on wire sizes within the range of .091" to .114". Spec...

  • Century Wire Products-1/4" EHSSTRAND 1/4" Strand
    1/4" EHSSTRAND-Stranded wire is used in aerial CATV and Telco plant applications.  It is 1/4" in diameter and has 7 stranded wires.  It is sold on 5000' reels.

  • A-D Technologies-SL602C200 Duct Coupler
    Duraline-SL602C200 Duct Coupler
    SL602C200 Shur-Lock II Duct Coupler-The SL602C200 fits 2" duct.  It is designed for quality joining of HDPE and PVC ducts and conduits.  It is easy to use with no special tools required.  The external...

  • A-D Technologies-SL602C125 Duct Coupler
    Duraline-SL602C125 Duct Coupler
    SL602C125 Shur-Lock II Duct Coupler-SL602C125 fits 1.25" duct.  It is designed for quality joining of HDPE and PVC ducts and conduits.  It is easy to use with no special tools required.  The external band...

  • Condux-08099703 Pulling Tape - Condux-Tape
    Condux-08099703 Pulling Tape
    08099703-Pulling Tape is flat woven tape made from low friction, high abrasion resistant yarns providing a low coefficient of friction. Tape is printed with sequential footage markings for accurate measurements.  Other...

  • Condux-Cable Pulling Rope - Condux-Rope
    Condux-Cable Pulling Rope
    Cable Pulling Rope-Condux Double-Braided Cable Pulling Rope allows for pulling of high working loads and tensile strength without kinking.  It comes with a spliced eye on each end.  It comes in a variety...

  • A-D Technologies-Bull-Line Pull Tapes - Arnco-Bull-Line™ Pull Tapes
    Duraline-Bull-Line Pull Tapes
    Pull Tape-Duraline has the widest range of pull tapes available in the industry. Choose from polyester or Aramid fiber. Tape is high strength, low-friction that is designed to be blown farther into innerduct. Bull-Line...

  • 921-P hook - Pico Macom-A-10 P hook
    P Hook
    921-3-3/4" P House Hook

  • A-1-O-Span Clamp - Pico Macom-O-Span Clamp
    A-1-O-Span Clamp
    A-1-O Span Clamp-Provides service drop attachment point at CATV and Telco strand. High strength machined aluminum jaw clamp. Anti-slip twist bolt design. Ideal for mid-span applications. Used with all common strand sizes...

  • JS-S J hook - Pico Macom-A-6 J hook
    JH-S J hook
    JH-S J-Drive Hook 5/16" x 3.5"

  • A-8 Bonding Clamp - Pico Macom-A-8A Bonding Clamp
    A-8 Bonding Clamp K Type
    A-8-Strand-Ground Brass Bonding Clamp K Type

  • Rhino-Labels & Decals - Rhino-Labels & Decals
    Rhino-Labels & Decals
    Labels & Decals-Rhino's standard decals are designed for each industry in the underground infrastructure market. Any of these decals may be customized with your name, phone number and logo for a one-time art charge.All...

  • Rhino-TriView Marker Post - Rhino-TriView™ Marking Post
    Rhino-TriView Marker Post
    TriView Marker Post-Specifically designed as an outdoor marker for buried cables and pipelines. This versatile post has ultraviolet light stabilizers that will keep the bright color of the post from fading in the sun and is...

  • Rhino-FiberCurve Fiberglass Utility Marking Post - Rhino-FiberCurve™
    Rhino-FiberCurve Fiberglass Utility Marking Post
    FiberCurve-Fiberglass Utility Marking Post-Lightweight and will not rust, rot or corrode. Each post is saturated with bright pigments and UV stabilizers are added to ensure the color remains bright for years. ...

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