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  • Vertiv UPCBD7 Communications Pedestal
    Vertiv UPCBD7 Communications Pedestal
    Vertiv UPCBD7 Communications Pedestal is a round-cornered, rectangular telephone equipment enclosure accepted for use by the RDUP. It serves as an aboveground enclosure used for splicing, load-coil mounting, and mounting...

  • Landscapers Cable Repair Kit
    Landscapers Cable Repair Kit: Includes connectors for RG 6 and RG 11 cable, splices and gel seal enclosure 4 EX6XLPLUS RG 6 connectors 4 EX11N716WSPLUS RG 11 connector 2 F81 barrel splices 2 3616GS gel seal splice...

  • Polywater-BonDuit Conduit Adhesive
    Polywater-BonDuit Conduit Adhesive
    BonDuit Conduit Adhesive is a high strength adhesive for bonding polyethylene, PVC, fiberglass, metals and composites.  I creates an airtight, watertight, long lasting bond that can withstand movement and vibration...

  • Multilink-3612-GS Gelseal Enclosure .412/.750 Splice - Multilink-3612-GS Gelseal Enclosure .412/.750 Splice
    Multilink-3612-GS Gelseal Enclosure .412/.750 Splice
    3612-GS Orange splice repair kit for .412-.750 feeder cable.  Gelseal is used to ensure zero water migration into cable splice...

  • A-D Technologies-SW613100 1.0" Innerduct - SW613100
    Duraline-SW613100 1.0" Innerduct
    SW613100-1.0" Innerduct is used to protect cables during and after installation. This is a smooth, solid wall conduit that can be used as an innerduct or in direct buried applications. When compared to PVC,...

  • R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059  Wirelink Splice is used to splice steel messenger mid-span of a cable drop.  It is 2.94" in lenght and .43 in diameter.  It can be used on wire sizes within the range of .091" to .114". Spec...

  • Century Wire Products-1/4" EHSSTRAND 1/4" Strand
    1/4" EHSSTRAND-Stranded wire is used in aerial CATV and Telco plant applications.  It is 1/4" in diameter and has 7 stranded wires.  It is sold on 5000' reels.

  • Tyco-TCS2-15/17-48
    TE Connectivity-TCS2-15/17-48
    TCS2-15/17-48 Heat Shrink Sleeve-Is made of a precoated water-insoluble sealant designed to protect cable splices from moisture and water migration.  It can be used with cable sizes of .500 and .750.  It offer...

  • Multilink-3616-GS Gelseal Splice Enclosure
    Multilink-3616-GS Gelseal Splice Enclosure
    10-8342 Gelseal Splice Enclosure-Is a re-enterable splice repair kit designed for RG 59 and RG 6 drop cables in underground applications.  It can also be used with twisted pair cables.  It...

  • Multilink-3611-GS Gelseal Splice Enclosure
    Multilink-3611-GS Gelseal Splice Enclosure
    34122K-OR-Re-Enterable Splice Kits.  Also called the 3611-GS. For your underground splicing needs for RG 7 and RG 11 cables. Splices are protected when direct buried and exposed to temperature ranges of -40F to...

  • Canusa-DROP 75 Heat Shrink Tubing
    Canusa-DROP 75 Heat Shrink Tubing
    DROP 75 Heat Shrinkable Tubing-For RG 7 & 11 cables is a flexible, thin wall, heat shrink tubing with a meltable inner liner. The outer wall provides excellent U.V. and ozone resistance. The...

  • A-D Technologies-SL602C200 Duct Coupler
    Duraline-SL602C200 Duct Coupler
    SL602C200 Shur-Lock II Duct Coupler-The SL602C200 fits 2" duct.  It is designed for quality joining of HDPE and PVC ducts and conduits.  It is easy to use with no special tools required.  The external...

  • A-D Technologies-SL602C125 Duct Coupler
    Duraline-SL602C125 Duct Coupler
    SL602C125 Shur-Lock II Duct Coupler-SL602C125 fits 1.25" duct.  It is designed for quality joining of HDPE and PVC ducts and conduits.  It is easy to use with no special tools required.  The external band...

  • Condux-08099703 Pulling Tape - Condux-Tape
    Condux-08099703 Pulling Tape
    08099703-Pulling Tape is flat woven tape made from low friction, high abrasion resistant yarns providing a low coefficient of friction. Tape is printed with sequential footage markings for accurate measurements.  Other...

  • Condux-Cable Pulling Rope - Condux-Rope
    Condux-Cable Pulling Rope
    Cable Pulling Rope-Condux Double-Braided Cable Pulling Rope allows for pulling of high working loads and tensile strength without kinking.  It comes with a spliced eye on each end.  It comes in a variety...

  • A-D Technologies-Bull-Line Pull Tapes - Arnco-Bull-Line™ Pull Tapes
    Duraline-Bull-Line Pull Tapes
    Pull Tape-Duraline has the widest range of pull tapes available in the industry. Choose from polyester or Aramid fiber. Tape is high strength, low-friction that is designed to be blown farther into innerduct. Bull-Line...

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