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  • AFL FUSEConnect Connectors for Multi Mode Fiber
    AFL FUSEConnect Connectors for Multi Mode Fiber
    AFL Telecommunications FUSEConnect Fusion-Splice, Field-Installable Connectors AFL’s FUSEConnect fusion-spliced, field installable connectors are uniquely designed and feature only four to five components. The...

  • AFL FUSEConnect Tool Kit
    AFL FUSEConnect Tool Kit
    The FUSEConnect Tool Kit and Accessories provide the necessary equipment to complete a FUSEConnect installation in the field. All tools and accessories required for termination on 0.9mm, 2mm or 3mm cordage are included in...

  • AFL Telecommunications Cletop Original Series
    AFL Telecommunications Cletop Original Series
    Cletop Cassette Cleaner Original Series-The CLETOP optical fiber connector cleaners from AFL are rugged handheld tools for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces.  The CLETOP cleaners quickly and effectively clean a...

  • Exfo-FTB-7300E OTDR Module
    Exfo-FTB-7300E OTDR Module
    FTB-7300E PON FTTx/MDU OTDR features include the ability to test through high port/count splitters up to 1x128, singlemode port for in service troubleshooting, a dynamic range of up to 39 dB, short acquisioint time to speed...

  • Exfo-FTB-7400E OTDR Module
    Exfo-FTB-7400E OTDR Module
    FTB-7400E Metro/CWDM OTDR is a high resolution OTDR covering longer metor distances and ITU based CWDM networks.  It features an industry leading linerity of + or - 0.03 dB/dB, up to 256,000 sampling points, an...

  • Jonard FCT-100 Fiber Connector Tool
    Jonard FCT-100 Fiber Connector Tool
    FCT-100  is the perfect tool for inserting and extracting fiber connectors in high density patch panels Tool is designed to work with LC, SC simplex and duplex connectors as well as with MU, MT-RJ and other...

  • Polywater-AquaKleen cleaner
    Polywater-AquaKleen cleaner
    AquaKleen is a water based fiber optic endface cleaner.  It is a mix of 94% pure deinezed water with cleaning solvents.  It is enviromentally friendly, les toxic and safer for use by humans.  I comes in a...

  • AFL Telecommunications - VFI2 Visual Fault Identifier
    AFL - VFI2 Visual Fault Identifier
    VFI2 visible red laser sources from AFL are designed to troubleshoot faults on fiber optic cables. Light generated by these units will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fibers, as well as poorly-mated...

  • AFL Telecommunications - FOCIS Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System - AFL Telecommunications - FOCIS Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System
    AFL -Optical Connector Inspection System
    The Noyes Family of FOCIS (Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System) integrated fiber inspection solutions provide network personnel with the capability to document fiber connector cleanliness. FOCIS combines a palm-sized...

  • AFL Telecommunications- 8500-05-0001MZ Connector Cleaner - AFL Telecommunications- 8500-05-0001MZ
    AFL 8500-05-0001MZ One Click Connector Cleaner
    8500-05-0001MZ- One Click Connector cleaner for SC, ST & FC fiber optic connectorsSpec...

  • AFL Telecommunications- 8500-05-0002MZ Connector Cleaner - AFL Telecommunications- 8500-05-0002MZ
    AFL 8500-05-0002MZ One Click Connector Cleaner
    8500-05-0002MZ- One Click Connector cleaner for LC & MU fiber optic connectors.Spec...

  • AFL Telecommunications- DFS1 Digital Fiber Scope
    AFL - DFS1 Digital Fiber Scope
    The DFS1 Digital FiberScope supports magnified video inspection of optical fiber connector end-faces during fiber optic cable and connector installation and maintenance. The ergonomically designed hand-held unit illuminates...

  • AFL Telecommunications- M210 OTDR
    AFL - M210 OTDR
      The NOYES M210 is the only inspection ready QUAD OTDR that combines OTDR, OPM and VFI capability with a proven, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn user interface. The M210 is the latest addition to the M200 family of...

  • AFL Telecommunications-FLX380 FlexTester - AFL Telecommunications-FLX380 FlexTester
    AFL -FLX380 FlexTester
    The NOYES FLX380 FlexTester is the worlds smallest, lightest, most complete single-mode fiber optic test set. It combines high-performance, PON-optimized, multi-wavelength OTDR/PON OTDR, OLS, OPM, VFL and PON Power Meter in...

  • AFL Telecommunications-HiLite Visiual Fault Indentifier - AFL Telecommunications-HiLite and VFI2
    AFL -HiLite Visiual Fault Indentifier
    HILITE-Visual Fault Identifier Compact and powerful visible red laser sources designed to trouble shoot faults on fiber optic cables. Generated light will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed and bare fibers as...

  • AFL Telecommunications-MLP5-2 Multimode Test Kit - AFL Telecommunications-MLP 55-2 Multimode Test Kit
    AFL -MLP5-2 Multimode Test Kit
    MLP5-2- Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit for Multimode With Wave ID and Set Reference. Ideally suited for testing multimode fiber optic networks Spec...

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