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  • Thomas & Betts-34-08942 Support Strap
    Belden-34-08942 Support Strap
    34-08942- 22" Stainless Steel Support Strap.  Is used to strap cable to the messenger in aerial constructions applications. 

  • Thomas & Betts-34-08922 Support Strap
    Belden-34-08922 Support Strap
    34-08922- 16" Stainless Steel Support Strap.  Is used to strap cable to the messenger in aerial constructions applications. 

  • R5058 Wirevise
    R5058 Wirevise
    R5058 - Wirevise is used to support both ends of self support solid steel messenger drop cable that is integrated into the jacket in a figure 8 configuration.  It can be used on cable sizes within...

  • R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059 Wirelink Splice
    R5059  Wirelink Splice is used to splice steel messenger mid-span of a cable drop.  It is 2.94" in lenght and .43 in diameter.  It can be used on wire sizes within the range of .091" to .114". Spec...

  • Century Wire Products-1/4" EHSSTRAND 1/4" Strand
    1/4" EHSSTRAND-Stranded wire is used in aerial CATV and Telco plant applications.  It is 1/4" in diameter and has 7 stranded wires.  It is sold on 5000' reels.

  • 921-P hook - Pico Macom-A-10 P hook
    P Hook
    921-3-3/4" P House Hook

  • A-1-O-Span Clamp - Pico Macom-O-Span Clamp
    A-1-O-Span Clamp
    A-1-O Span Clamp-Provides service drop attachment point at CATV and Telco strand. High strength machined aluminum jaw clamp. Anti-slip twist bolt design. Ideal for mid-span applications. Used with all common strand sizes...

  • JS-S J hook - Pico Macom-A-6 J hook
    JH-S J hook
    JH-S J-Drive Hook 5/16" x 3.5"

  • A-8 Bonding Clamp - Pico Macom-A-8A Bonding Clamp
    A-8 Bonding Clamp K Type
    A-8-Strand-Ground Brass Bonding Clamp K Type

  • Pico Macom-A-22 Tap Bracket-12" - Pico Macom-A-22 Tap Bracket-12"
    A-22 Tap Bracket-12"
    A-22-Aluminum Tap Stand-Off Bracket Provides distance between CATV line equipment and transmission cable.  Made of Corrosion resistive galvanized steel. Spec...

  • Century Wire Products-038SS302ACW-Stainless Steel Lashing Wire - Century Wire Products-Stainless Steel Lashing Wire
    Century Wire Products-038SS302ACW-Stainless Steel Lashing Wire
    038SS302ACW-The highest quality lashing wire available to the telephone and CATV industries. Grade 302, size .038 lashing wire has a tensile strength 95k to 125k PSI and average break 115lbs.  They come in...

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