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  • Klein Tools VDV500-808 Tonecube & Probeplus Kit
    Klein Tools VDV500-808 Tonecube & Probeplus Kit
    VDV500-808 TONEcube & PROBEplus Kit Trace wire paths and identify cables in common wiring systems. Amplifier overload LED improves accuracy, warning against misreads. Auto power-off and low-battery indication. Five...

  • Klein Tools VDV501-823 Scout Pro Tester Kit
    Klein Tools VDV501-823 Scout Pro Tester Kit
    VDV501-823 Scout Pro Tester Kit Simultaneous testing of video and data cables saves time and improves efficiency. Combines multiple VDV test functions and mapping kits. Tests voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45), and video...

  • Klein Tools VDV512-056 Coax Map Kit
    Klein Tools VDV512-056 Coax Map Kit
    VDV512-056 Coax Map Kit for VDV Scout Pro Testers  Identify and map coaxial cable infrastructure (F-Connector), up to 19 locations.  The fastest, most efficient way to identify multiple locations at one time. ...

  • Klein Tools VDV512-058 Coax Explorer Plus Tester
    Klein Tools VDV512-058 Coax Explorer Plus Tester
    VDV512-058 Coax Explorer Plus Tester  Quickly tests map/ID up to 4 locations simultaneously. Compact size fits easily into pocket or pouch. Bright LED indicates status and location of cable. Push-button for simple...

  • Fluke Networks-PRO3000 Toner Test Kit - Fluke Networks-PRO3000 Toner Test Kit
    Fluke Networks-PRO3000 Toner Test Kit
    PRO3000-Toner Test Kit. Analog tone generator and probe are used for toning and tracing wires on non-active networks and indentifying individual cables. Spec Sheet...

  • Gale-PTNX-1 Pocket Toner - Gale-PTNX-1
    Fluke Networks-PTNX1 Pocket Toner
    PTNX-1-The CATV only member of the Pocket Toner Solution Series. Use it to identify any coaxial cable terminated with F connectors. Uses 1 standard AAA battery, detects short-circuits, detachable F connector interface,...

  • Gale-PTNX-2 Pocket Toner - Gale-PTNX-2
    Fluke Networks-PTNX2 Pocket Toner
    PTNX-2-Great for coax cable identification. It gives you important information about the test line with its unique bi-colored LED indicator. A red light means there is a short circuit in the line, a green light means there...

  • Gale-PTNX8-CABLE Pocket Toner Kit - Gale-PTNX8-CABLE Pocket Toner Kit
    Fluke Networks-PTNX8-CABLE Pocket Toner Kit
    PTNX8-CABLE Designed to identify and test up to 8 TV outlets at one time.  LED display shows five different test results (open circuit, short, AC or DC voltage from 6v-48v, continuity or ID cap number). Uses one...

  • Fluke Networks-TS90 Cable Fault Finder - Fluke-TS90 Cable Fault Finder
    Fluke Networks-TS90 Cable Fault Finder
    TS90-Cable Fault Finder. Easy-to-use three tools in one tester. Fault Locator, Cable Inventory Manager and a Toner with SmartTone™ technology (up to 2,500 feet). Spec Sheet...

  • Greenlee-200EP Series Inductive Amplifiers - Greenlee-200EP Series Inductive Amplifiers
    Greenlee-200EPG Series Inductive Amplifiers
    200EP-Used in conjunction with any tone generator, permits wire and cable identification without direct metallic contact with the conductor. Powerful speaker, recessed on/off button control, adjustable volume control and an...

  • Greenlee-402K Toner Test Set - Greenlee-402K
    Greenlee-402K Toner Test Set
    402K-CATV Cable Tone Test Kit specifically for the CATV industry. Tone through splitters, directional couplers and traps. Simple to use with accurate results. Kit includes one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F...

  • Greenlee-701K Toner Kit - Greenlee-701K
    Greenlee-701K Toner Kit
    701K-Classic Tone and Probe Kit used to identify single conductors or cables within a bundle. Kit includes the 77HP High Power Tone Generator and the 200EP Inductive Amplifier in a rugged woven polyester carrying case. Spec...

  • Greenlee-77HP Tone Generator - Greenlee-77HP
    Greenlee-77HP Tone Generator
    77HP-Classic 77 Series Tone Generators. Permits technicians to identify the conductor within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or at the remote end. Can be used on twisted pair wiring, single conductors, coaxial cables,...

  • Greenlee-801K Toner Kit - Greenlee-801K
    Greenlee-801K Toner Kit
    801K-Premium Tone and Probe Kit is designed for more accurate wire identification. Virtually eliminates power-related noise from the tone and probe operation. Kit includes the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator and 200FP...

  • T101
    Platinum Tools-T101 F Remote Kit
    T101-F Remote Kit includes 4 F remores with holster and 1 F Adapter.  This is the replacement kit for the T104C Mapper.

  • Platinum Tools-T104C 4Mapper™ Coax Tester - Platinum Tools-T104C 4Mapper Coax Tester
    Platinum Tools-T104C 4Mapper Coax Tester
    The 4Mapper™ Coax Tester is the easy and quick solution to troubleshoot and identify multiple coax cables. Fast and easy to use, the individually identified custom remotes allow you to track up to 4 connections at a...

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